September 21, 2023

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10 Tips For Energy Efficiency at Home

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A growing concern over global warming and our environment has initiated a much needed response from governments and industries over the world. However there is power for change in numbers and it begins within every household. The time has come for every home owner to take responsibility for climate change and make important steps to improve their environmental footprint.

It’s easy too! Here are a few easy things you can do at home to reduce your impact on the environment and live a greener life!

1. EcoENERGY Evaluations: Small private companies are now offering home owners an opportunity to have their home certified which can qualify them for a government grant! These evaluations will provide home owners with information on their home energy loses and how they can improve their home energy efficiency.

2. Energy Star Rated Appliances: Another simple way to quickly improve your energy efficiency at home is to replace old appliances with Energy star rated appliances.

3. Thermostats: Purchasing digital thermostats is possibly the easiest step you can take today at home that will have a significant impact on energy loss within the home. Just a small change in temperature can go a very long way toward improving energy loss and reducing the energy bills.

4. Windows and Doors: Be sure to check for heat loss through your doors and windows at home. Proper insulation is a key part in energy efficiency. Window and door stripping can be purchased at any home improvement store and can dramatically help reduce your heat loss during the winter months.

5. Turn off the Lights! It’s that easy! Just turn them off, if there is no need for lighting then they shouldn’t be on.

6. Cold Water: Using cold water for laundry and wherever possible is another excellent way to reduce your footprint and will additionally save you money.

7. Air Dry: Whenever possible, hang out your laundry and allow the dishwasher to air dry. Clothes feel so much better anyway when left to dry outside!

8. Get Un-plugged! Unfortunately much energy is wasted through small appliances that are plugged in. Even though you are not using them and they are off, energy is still being consumed. So unplug your appliances when you are not using them.

9. Fill the freezer! That’s right, filling your freezer with frozen goods helps to regulate the temperature inside the freezer therefore requiring less energy to keep it cold!

10.Change Bulbs: Energy efficient light bulbs are now available in many different styles and hues. Although they do not always result in the appropriate ambiance for your space, they are being made to look softer while the brighter ones are excellent choices for basements, closets and garages.

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