September 21, 2023

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4 Essential Questions to Ask Your Ventilation System Provider

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Choosing the right service provider to commission or install ventilation systems – whether natural, mechanical or smoke – is essential in order to obtain a system that works optimally. There are several experts to choose from in any given area, and your choice will largely depend on your needs and the specialism of the company.

There are many companies that specialise in a particular type of ventilation system, such as smoke ventilation, but there are also those which are generalists, with a team of experts that are proficient in commissioning and installing all different types. Whichever you are thinking of hiring, ask the following four questions in order to determine whether they are right for your project.

Firstly, check with the company how many years of experience that they have installing or commissioning the particular type of system that you want installed. Experience is an important part of being able to design and fit a system that is perfectly tailored to your building’s needs, so verify that the experts you are thinking of hiring can deliver in this area.

Rather than just experience in a specific domain such as natural or smoke ventilation, look for service providers that have completed projects in buildings that are just like yours. If you are the owner of a block of student flats, look for a provider who has already undertaken and successfully completed this type of project.

The next question to ask is how the company typically handles project management. The reason for this is that issues can often occur when there are misunderstandings between the client and the company doing the installation work. The best companies, however, will be aware that this type of problem arises, and will have developed a strategy to overcome it.

In particular, ask how they intend to make sure that there are no misunderstandings and how they can ensure that particular specifications are met. When making your selection, opt for the company that is able to explain its particular approach, and how past experience has led its team to adopt it.

The third question to ask is whether or not the company provides full training along with the commissioning or installation of the natural, mechanical or smoke ventilation system. This is important, as management will be passed over to the owner or building manager at a later stage, and certain statutory requirements must be adhered to.

Often companies will provide full training on how to maintain a log book and schedule maintenance checks, but be careful to check what exactly is included in the service; training may come at an additional cost to installation and handover.

Fourthly, ask whether or not the company has a stock of different ventilation equipment to meet your needs. In the case of generalist ventilation installation companies, they will often have a large number of different items in stock to cater to the broadest customer base. They will also likely have contact with international suppliers who will be able to deliver specialist products.

As the efficiency of your system will depend in part on the quality of the equipment, knowing what the installation company provides and why is important in gauging whether they are the right company to work with or not.

When you are thinking of hiring a company to commission or install ventilation systems in your property, these are just four of the questions that you should ask before making your final decision on whom to hire.

Experience is incredibly important, as is the ability to be able to cater to your very specific needs. Your chosen service provider should also be able to demonstrate how project management is handled efficiently, and let you know how much their training and maintenance services cost in addition to the commissioning and installation of your ventilation system.

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