September 21, 2023

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American Standard Air Conditioning – Trustworthy Air Conditioners

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The American Standard Air Conditioning systems are a product of the American Standard Companies Incorporated. This is company specializes in air conditioners and in the year 2007, they have changed their name to Trane. This company ensures that they provide you with real performance oriented air conditioners. They are reliable and have a 100% quality comfort product.

Customers from around the globe rely on this brand due to comfort and efficiency. It is also recommended by many experts due to the comfortable amount of cooling that it can provide and the efficiency in saving money due to the wise electricity usage of this air conditioner.

There are many types of American Standard air conditioning models that customers can choose from. The models can vary depending on the customers. It also has the best SEER rating due to the maximum cooling capacity and praiseworthy efficiency that it provides. This line of air conditioners has the highest efficiency rating among the many other units available on the market.

This conditioning system has several advantages. It has two compressors that provide two stages of cooling. It has specially designed compressors that are durable. They also run at energy saving capacity. This means that you can save by 50% of your energy bills by using this type of air conditioner. It also comes with variable speed heating and cooling and AccuClean whole House Air Filtration system.

Customers are also ensured of the quality of this unit because it has government-approved standards. This conditioner was able to surpass government efficiency standards. The government also agrees that the American Standard Air conditioning system can help you save a lot of money on your energy bills. It is also environment friendly and help reduces green house gas emissions.

Another incredible thing about this device is that it runs without making any noise. It can also help maintain the temperature of the room because of its variable speed fan motor. It also has a grooved on the inside called the spin fin coil. This coil is made of pure aluminum that provides a unique resistance to corrosion. This coil also helps maintain the crucial heat transfer process longer. This specially designed coil enhances efficiency and durability. Thus, the maintenance of the American Standard air conditioning system is low.

It also has a 22 gauge louvered panels that are made of galvanized steel. This panel helps keep the coils clean and protects the coil surface from many damaging elements such as tree branches, leaves and hail. It also comes with an easy access to refrigerant and electrical controls. Thus, installation and service time becomes easier. This means that you can also benefit from a decreased unit downtime.

The American Standard air conditioning system is also rated as the most problem free HVAC brand. More importantly, by buying this type of air conditioner you can also avail of an unlimited or extended warranty to get full support.

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