September 22, 2023

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Basic Facts About Under Floor Heating

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Office and home heating has undergone revolutionary changes thanks to the advent of under floor heating systems that heat floors from below to keep you feeling warm and comfortable in the harshest of winters. This technology makes use of the radiant heating technique to keep the house warm by heating pipes under the surface so that the hot air emanates from the floor and is distributed evenly all over the room. The under floor heating system comes with many advantages that are responsible for its growing popularity:

  • Unlike traditional heating systems where the heat used to be generated by radiators mounted on walls that led to the air in the upper area of the room getting warm, in under floor heating heat is emitted from the floor so that the hot air gradually rises upwards warming the whole room uniformly.
  • Out of all the materials that are used in this system, floors made of stone are most preferred. Under floor heating can be installed almost anywhere in the house be it the wash room or kitchen or bedroom and does not pose a hazard to the inmates. They also help to keep the area free from dust and mites.
  • Installation costs are initially higher when compare to radiators but the overall maintenance and energy consumption are significantly low that gives you the chance to save more money than you would have using conventional heaters.
  • This system avoids health hazards that may occur because of mites and dust accumulation.
  • Heat generated by pipes under the floor allows you to place furniture any where you want without having to keep space for radiators that appear unsightly and bulky.
  • It is possible to have under floor heating under floors made of stone or tiles or concrete and is most preferred in houses that have little children who love to play around with bare feet.
  • The system can be easily installed by you since the process is not rather complex and instructions in the manual can guide you through the procedure without much difficulty.
  • Wet areas like the kitchen and bathrooms dry up much faster with under floor heating arrangements.

Under floor heating can be done either by electric heating or warm water pipes. The latter circulates hot water through the pipes placed below the floor and is found to be a very economical option. In electrical heating, cables are placed below the ground that is covered later on. This arrangement is simpler to operate and there is a thermostat to control the room temperature digitally.

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