September 21, 2023

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Central Air Conditioning Unit – Advantages Of Central Air Conditioning

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Central Air conditioning units are used to circulate cool air in a closed room. It also helps in de-humidifying the incoming air in humid conditions. There are two types of central air conditioning, first is split system and second are cabinet based.

The split system consists of two parts, an outdoor part consisting compressor and condenser, and an indoor part consisting furnace and evaporator coil. The indoor part in mounted on a wall inside the room and the outer part, which is placed outside the building. The cabinet based central system in one in which all the components are placed under one cabinet. It placed on the window or a shelf. These are smaller in size and are efficient for cooling small buildings.

Central air conditioned systems work more effectively and efficiently than room air conditioners. These are also quiet and very convenient in use. It also helps in saving energy and reduces the electricity bills. A BTU or British thermal unit is used to measure heat output, or the amount of electricity needed to run it. The lesser the BTU count the better the air conditioning unit is. The 12000 BTU count per ton of capacity is what is desirable.

Features one should look while purchasing central air conditioning units

– EER value for increased efficiency of the unit. EER stands for energy efficiency ratio.

– Variable speed control for better ventilation system

– The unit must work quietly

– A reminder for filter check for the better maintenance of unit

Some precautions to be taken while installing

– Allowing decent space for maintenance and repair

– Ensuring cool air is delivered and warm air is taken back by the air conditioner

– Seal all the ducts by ducts mastic

– Heavily insulate the ducts

– Take caution of the noise of out door component while installing it.

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