September 21, 2023

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Common Air Conditioning Mistakes That Increase Your Bills

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The summer heat in Texas summer can be pretty debilitating. Even though we’ve entered the spring and autumn seasons, you may still feel the need to turn your air conditioning on. While air conditioners can make a lot of difference on these hot summer days, high energy bills can lead to a dent in your pocket. In this blog, we have covered some common air conditioning mistakes that increase your bills:

Mistake 1 – Not the Right-Sized System

When buying an air conditioner, make sure that you get a correctly sized one for your house. A too-small unit will constantly run, adding to your bill and stressing itself out over time. Not only will you spend money on repairs and a possible replacement, but you will also have to pay your over-the-top bills. Similarly, a too-big unit will be too quick to cool the surroundings without first removing indoor humidity – something all air conditioners must do.
Choose wisely.

Mistake 2 – Switching the Fans Off

It is a common misconception that ceiling fans keep the air conditioned air in corners. This is wrong. Ceiling fans can help augment the impact of air conditioning. They can help keep your place cooler when turned on, circulating the cold air. The same goes for pedestal fans. You can run the air conditioner for some time but then turn it off. Your fans will help to keep the room cool. This will help you save up on a lot of your electricity expenses. Don’t believe us? Give it a shot, and let us know.

Mistake 3 – Not Cleaning the Filters

This is the most common mistake homeowners make. Clearing up the filters on your AC helps a great deal. Your AC does not work twice as much as it does with dirty filters. You are spared electricity expenses, and the whole scenario becomes much more feasible to manage. Clean the filters on your AC and see how the numbers drop.

Mistake 4 – Leaving Doors and Windows Open

For temperatures to remain constant, homeowners must make sure there is no outlet for air. Similarly, there should also be no inlet. Keeping doors and windows closed while the air conditioner is at work is what needs to be done. However, sometimes, even this may not be enough. Small crevices under doors and spaces around windows may let air in and out. This will make your AC work twice as hard. Check up on these outlets and inlets.

Mistake 5 – Placing the Thermostat in the Right Place

Here is the last mistake on this list that people make. While the compressor may not be very appealing to look at, it does not mean you get to hide it from plain sight. Placing it under direct sunlight will cause it to burn or malfunction. If it’s out in your backyard where there is greenery and growth, that can also reduce its effectiveness. Place your compressor wisely to avoid all that extra bill money.

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