September 22, 2023

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Consulting With New Home Builders – Famous Movie Houses As Inspiration

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Not every Hollywood film or television show in sprawling mansions or overly modern abodes. Movies like Nightmare on Elm Street and Top Gun display modest houses that new home builders could potentially imitate. If movies are your cup of tea, and you’d like your house to reflect a famous abode, selecting features or particular designs from these famous houses would be less likely to break your budget.

The House from Top Gun

The house in Top Gun couldn’t be more quaint and modest. Perched along a row of beautiful palm trees, this humble abode lets the scenery do the talking. If you don’t have a very large budget, you might consider modeling your residence after this classic setting. Spending less on an elaborate house design might free up extra funds for a larger or more expensive plot of land.

Murder House in American Horror Story

While the residence in the popular television show American Horror Story is on the larger side, it’s still stunningly simple. The exterior brick gives it a classic look while a rounded tower gives a flare of stateliness. Needless to say, you could compare its gothic structure to a castle. For a family with a flare for the dim dramatic gothic look of beautiful interior wood and stained glass, this spooky residence could provide endless inspiration.

Driving Miss Daisy Georgia Mansion

For those who have a slightly bigger budget, the house from Driving Miss Daisy is a beautiful estate with a warm wooden interior, rounded archways and lots of windows. This beautiful piece of real estate is truly inspiring for anyone with a large plot of land and the desire for warm open rooms with a rustic tone.

Nightmare on Elm Street

While this house is modest and quaint looking on the outside, the inside displays unique and fun design quirks. From rounded entryways to the small pool outside, it wouldn’t be too difficult to recreate this horror filled house. While the outside displays a more traditional colonial look that would fit in with any neighborhood, the inside grants you the opportunity to embrace your modern and minimalist side. This would be a fun consultation to have with your new home builders.

Cameron’s House In Ferris Beuller

There isn’t a house that’s more iconic of the eighties than the house of Ferris Beuller’s friend Cameron. Although the house doesn’t ever make a real appearance, the glass enclosed garage holding Cameron’s father’s prized car speaks to what an opulent spectacle the rest of the house must be. The most striking thing about this example is the location, perched in the woods away from the trimmed lawns of suburbia. If you’re considering building amongst the foliage, consider with your new home builders a glass encased look like this famous garage. Just don’t send a car through the panes.

Characters in movies are just like us, so it isn’t surprising that their houses could blend in with any neighborhood. Even if you’re not interested in a complete replica of any preexisting residence, the ideas of rounded archways and all-glass walls are unique and useful ideas you can see come to life in your own designs.

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