October 4, 2023

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Electric Wall Heaters – 3 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Wall Heaters

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Wall heaters have become the new heating appliance technology. In the past, it was commonplace to purchase a heater that you placed somewhere in the room, on the floor. However, today’s electric wall heaters mount conveniently on the wall, making it harder for children to knock them over or for adults to bump into them. Wall mounted heaters take up much less space than heaters you have to place somewhere in the room. However, contrary to popular belief, not all electric wall heaters are the same.

Most Electric Wall Heaters Have Built in Thermostats
Built in thermostats help to keep the temperature in your home at a controlled and comfortable level. You have to adjust the heat manually on a heater without a built in thermostat. That means you may find yourself getting up a lot and turning the temperature either up or down when it gets too hot or too cool in your house.

Electric Wall Heating Units Should Not Be Placed in Exterior Walls
There’s a conflict between both exterior installation and condensation issues when you combine hot metal with a cool exterior wall.

Cheap Appliances May Seem Economical, but Look Out
Very low priced heaters often come with many disadvantages such as open wire elements, or cheap fans. Although open coil wire elements offer quick heating in terms of time, they usually run hotter and the heating dies out sooner. As mentioned before, not all electric wall heaters are the same. Fans are not only cheap, but also loud. Some cheaper heaters also have poor paint jobs.

To make sure you get an appliance that keeps your home heated well, look at the common features such as a good, coated finish, an enclosed motor, and a visible disconnect switch. These heaters will be sure to keep your home warm and cozy throughout even the harshest of cold weather. For more info on electric heaters click here.

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