September 22, 2023

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Energy Conservation Efficiency – Advancements Made Over the Years

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On the topic of energy conservation efficiency, there are many factors involved. For a system of energy production, say for instance, solar, geothermal, or hydroelectricity, there needs to be an efficient amount of energy output for the system to be cost effective. For example, decades ago it used to cost many thousands of dollars to have enough solar panels to produce enough “free energy”, saving money on electric bills, which meant that the system would not be able to pay for itself until many years down the road. After much development however, these days the largely increased energy output of such devices as photovoltaic cells, along with their more efficient means of production and better quality materials in their construction, it is now much more cost effective to utilize these energy conservation systems for the benefit of saving our environment and our wallets. How much more efficient are such systems today? Let’s examine this a bit…

Some leaps in the level of energy conservation efficiency have been made in the geothermal design of certain homes – this is when we use the heating and cooling qualities of the ground below the home in order to regulate temperatures of the air and water circulating within the house. With the Earth’s ability to hold the warmth of the sun, it’s sort of a “solar-geothermal” kind of system – we only need a means of transferring this energy through a medium to then convert it into usable energy. Through the use of pipes sent through the ground below the foundation of a house, and running water through them, temperatures from the ground can transfer to the running water within the pipes and be converted to electricity through the use of heat exchangers and heat pump generators. Having the air vent and circulate through spaces in the ground and between walls in the structure of the home can also replace the need for conventional heating and air-conditioning units.

But in order for energy conservation efficiency to be beneficial, these ideas must be put into place and not merely studied. Many these days have taken it into their own hands to create their own energy conservation systems, such as building their own solar panels. In today’s day and age, it’s quite phenomenally cheaper to take on such a task than it was decades ago. Many have spent time on a weekend project building their own solar panels using one or two hundred dollars worth of materials, creating a single small panel that can power a home entertainment center, a desktop PC and a refrigerator all on the single panel. Developments through the years have made such undertakings largely more accessible to anyone and far more cost-effective to implement for home use.

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