September 21, 2023

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Feng Shui – Removing Negative Energy

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For some reason I had picked up a book on Feng Shui. I thought it was pronounced Feng Shoooie. Sitting in my little farm house with that book on my knee, in a forest in New York, I realized that I had been ill on and off for most of years we had lived there. Could it be the house? Having worked with energy healing for most of my life I wondered why I hadn’t really connected with the house as an energy body. I became a Feng Shui monster, obsessed and possessed by reading, going to seminars and finally finding a Chinese Feng Shui/Qi Gong master who became my teacher for over fifteen years. So, I healed myself and changed my life using the Feng Shui and Qi Gong.

Okay so first lets look at what is negative energy. Negative energy is blocked energy. Why and how does it get blocked? It gets blocked when:
1/ Energy can’t move freely around the area. Say there are areas that you can’t move around the energy can’t go there either.
2/ You have had an argument and haven’t cleared the area with smudging or other means.
3/ You have old crystals, that haven’t been cleared or cleaned for ages.
4/You have old silk flowers or plants that you haven’t washed for years.
5/There are areas in your home where the energy pools and gets stuck,like corners, behind things etc.
6/ There was a death, a murder or very troubled people there before and that energy hasn’t been cleared.
7/ You are attaching to thoughts that worry you and you stay locked in those.
8/ Depression.
9/ Drugs that have been done and moved someone into a negative place.

Personally I don’t find that there is anything that you can’t re-balance, including ourselves if we take the time and give ourselves the okay to going in and out of the energy as we transform it.

Crystals for me are vital key. I use them everyday to help me to balance myself and to keep me in an energy place that I want to be. I program the crystals with the thoughts I want and keep them in key areas including in my purse and car.

I know! You came to learn about how to clear negative energy right? So here we go.

Clearing negative energy is simple enough, but you have to do it regularly. Like every time you have a hard day emotionally, or when someone else in the your business or home does. There are unseen ways and seen ways. You can’t really go around most offices with a gong and smudge stick. That usually doesn’t make the boss feel so good about your mental stability. So we’ll also look at things you can do that no one can see, but first let’s look at the seen ways.

1/ Take a smudge stick and a bowl and smoke the area with sage, eucalyptus or sage brush sticks. Then open all of the windows and let the negative energy leave. You can then welcome the bright energy in with sweet grass smoke. Keep a bowl under the sticks and keep it away from burnable things like your hair. I didn’t hurt myself, but lit up a whole side of my hair by bending over the smudge, I was welcoming a friend to my home and she said (after making sure I was okay) “What a welcome.”
2/ Clap in the corners and all around the house or building. Open the windows and then using a singing bowl or some music that is lovely re-frequency the area
3/ Place Beautiful crystals around the area or one powerful one, they will re- frequency the energy and that is all we need to do really. Its not so much about getting rid of it as transforming it.
4/ Sing or tone into an area, don’t forget the corners and hidden places!

1/ Place your hands apart and feel a gold ball gathering between them. Then when it is strong feel the whole area you want to cleanse in that ball. Smile and keep holding it until you feel it’s okay to let it go with thanks.
2/ Hum or tone in your head and feel it flooding over the area.
3/ Smile into an area and give thanks to it. Keep doing this until you feel it lift.
4/ Walk through the area smiling and giving thanks. You become like a wave of love that covers the area.
5/ Be the love in everything you do and everywhere you go it will wash over everything.
6/ Hold your ‘crystals’ and feel that energy expanding outwards into the area.

There are more of both, but get started one these few and use them regularly you might find that your life begins to change. With these you can transform anything, even the toughest energies. Remember that the stronger the imbalance the stronger you have to be or the longer it will take. With some areas that have had a lot of violence I have had to work strong and long to help the energies to come to a place of love and balance.

Remember you are made of energy and can effect a change on everyone and everything around you, we all can. So, go for it and enjoy. Don’t worry or make it a chore, it will work better when you play a little and enjoy the process.

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