September 22, 2023

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Go Classic With a Copper Weathervane and Cupola

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A lot of homeowners are looking to upgrade their homes without having to spend thousands of dollars. Many want to add a little country charm or a nostalgic twist with architectural details that bring to mind a simpler time.

If this is something you’re considering, you can go classic with a copper weathervane and cupola. These are traditional elements that add beauty to your home, without a major remodel. They have been traditional elements in American homes for centuries.

If you go classic with a copper weathervane and cupola, you want to make sure the look is authentic. A cupola gets its name from the Latin word, cupola. This means a little cup, as a cupola looks a lot like a cup turned upside down on the top of the house. A cupola usually includes a small structure underneath it to support the dome, much like a small church steeple.

To go classic with a copper weathervane and cupola, you’ll have to do a little planning. It requires some architectural changes to your home, as well as a fair measure of construction. However, the results are well worth the effort and can turn the rather dull lines of a traditional home into something that has a lot of curb appeal.

If you go classic with a copper weathervane and cupola you want to remember that a cupola is intentionally an asymmetric design element. You only need one on your home. The ideal spot for it is on one end of the home, though it can also be at the center of the roofline. Since every house is different, you’ll probably want to work with an architect on some renderings so that you can get the scale and look of the cupola just right. This will also allow you to get a sense or what is required from a budget and construction standpoint before you decide to go classic with a copper weathervane and cupola.

One of the things you’ll quickly discover when you go classic with a copper weathervane and cupola is that the cupola itself isn’t just an architectural element. It can actually serve a function in the home. Properly designed and constructed, it can help air circulate through the attic and even add some natural light up there. This is because most cupolas have louvered slats on all four sides, allowing air to pass freely through the space without letting any of the elements in.

If you go classic with a copper weathervane and cupola, the cupola itself reduces the chance mildew will form in the attic and decreases the chance of wood rot. It can also keep the attic from smelling musty, which is good if you plan to store stuff in the attic year round.

If you live in the Northeast or visited Colonial Williamsburg then you’ll instantly know what a home or church with a cupola looks like. The roof of the cupola can either be copper, tin or use shingles that match your home’s roof. This can help tie the addition into the existing structure.

Of course, if you go with a copper weathervane and cupola, you need a high quality weathervane. Copper weathervanes can be found online, from the traditional versions with roosters to ones with beautiful sailing ships, tractors, eagles or even a motorcycle for the biker-homeowner out there.

And yes, if you go classic with a copper weathervane and cupola, know that it will actually tell you which way the wind is blowing. Weathervanes are just as practical today as they were back in the 1700s, long before the Weather Channel and Doppler radar. Best of all, they’ll continue to report the weather even when the power goes out and your computer goes dark during a storm.

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