September 21, 2023

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Having Adequate Roof Ventilation For Your Home

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Proper roof ventilation also increases the lifespan of your roof.Vents fall under two categories, outlet air vents and inlet air vents. Both types of vents must be present to perform their essential function of roof ventilation. Having just one or the other hinders the ventilation system and its effectiveness.

Whenever you discuss roof ventilation, you will inevitably come across the topic of net free air flow. Net free air flow is the amount of air that can move freely through the roof ventilation system opening apart from the objects that can act against the air flow by blocking the opening. Manufacturers of roof ventilation systems typically provide consumers with ratings of their individual capacities for net free air flow. Certain vents are designated for specific use on different types of roofs. For example, metal roofs require the use of either plastic roof vents, round vents, or large commercial vents. Plastic vents are the most desirable if you are ventilating in what is normally a cold environment, as they do not fall susceptible to corrosion as easily as other vents. Round vents are best in instances where you have a unique roofing structure that requires more adjustments with your ventilation materials to accommodate the shape of the roof. Larger buildings will likely require the use of commercial vents, as they are designed to met the needs of fitting commercial buildings.Each of these vents are durable and weather resistant. Proper ventilation protects your roof from leaking, as excess moisture can become trapped in the roof or attic space.

Aside from vents on the roof structure, it is important to provide additional ventilation utilizing regular power ventilators or solar ventilators and wind ventilators. Solar powered ventilators operate by taking power from the sunlight and transforming it into electrical power that carries to the ventilation system. Wind ventilators use small windmills that turn to generate electrical current to power the system. Other natural vents include ridge vents and soffit vents. These vents can also help cool your home or commercial building throughout the hot summer months. So it’s a worthy investment that can cut down on your air conditioning costs over time.

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