September 22, 2023

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Home Church May Solve Unwanted Pregnancy For Future Generations

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Home church can teach the right sexual values to our girls today. I am not talking about perfect humans. There is no one perfect. We are all imperfect in some ways. That is no excuse for continued bad behavior and making it your life style. Our society does not realize that once you remove foundational controls you encourage a behavior without any restraint. The irony is you have the law that comes down hard on them without any warning. A home church can set this right easily.

The child who is now an adult who grew up without any restraint what so ever, wonders what is wrong with the society. They wonder why they are hunting me down, hand cuffing me and throwing me in cells. Why am I in court? Why is the judge threatening with dire consequences and sending me to prison? Why did I make this person pregnant? These teenagers ask a million questions. Who is there to explain what happened to them? Why did this happen to him or her? A teenage girl who is barely 14 is asking, ‘why I am pregnant’. Well, we tell her to calm down. A home church will teach her this is wrong.

Abortion is not always a good or easy option. A teenager is not an adult yet. This teenager is still a child and cannot take care of herself. To add a child to that person is not advisable. It is detrimental to both the child and the mother. We have all gone astray like sheep. Jesus said two thousand years ago. Today, we have become more and more selfish. Parents and churches should take time to educate these teenagers about responsible behavior. They need to know that every action has consequences. A little bit of maturity is necessary to handle pregnancy.

A 14-year-old gets pregnant. And we tell them to use condoms, try to be safe and you will not get pregnant, but we do not teach them to abstain until they have a responsible to man to marry. No, we do not even believe in proper marriage anymore. We encourage living together without marriage today. Again, where are we going with all this ideology? Let us give it a serious thought. In addition it is politically incorrect to question some one else life style. Home church is the only place they can boldly teach the biblical standards of morality and sex.

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