October 4, 2023

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How to Build a Pergola

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Italian architecture comes alive through its avant garde objectivity. It is justly renowned for its style and character. Their outdoor architecture features some classic garden structures like the pagodas, follies, kiosks and pergolas amongst many. If you want to know how to build a pergola, read on.

The pergola is an arbor formed of growing plants over trellis-work. It is normally seen in the backyards or gardens and is used to create a walkway and shore up the growth of climbing plants. It helps to gently shield against sunlight. This four segment post covered by a roof resembles a canopy and is often the focal point in the courtyard. Ideally made of wood, one can also see pergolas made of cement.

A standard pergola is 8 feet tall made of cedar wood, painted and allowed to turn slightly grey. To build it, one would require a model sketch, cedar wood, pencils, hammers, drills, masonry tools, screws, nails and sandpaper. One needs to pursue the following steps to construct it

1) Cut out the posts depending upon the desired height and mark the screw holes.
2) Get the posts to stand upright by driving nails into the wood through an anchor.
3) Now cut out support beams depending on the length of the post .To slip them into the post one needs to measure the depth of the notches and cut them with a jigsaw.
4) After interlocking, one needs to check the level and then secure each end with screws and nails.
5) Now check the post and trim it following it up with nailing the braces and top slats of desired length and breadth.
6) Secure all fittings and follow it up with paint or varnish.

Voila! Here stands the wonderful outside structure that will make any outdoor event enjoyable. This well crafted beauty makes any backyard seem truly special. So, why not make your own pergola today!

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