October 4, 2023

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How To Find A Home Builder Who Builds By Energy Star Standards

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Several avenues exist for finding a homebuilder who builds by Energy Star standards for homeowners, who are aiming to build a home, or an extension, that meets these superior energy efficient requirements. It is important for homeowners to be aware that an Energy Star builder partner does not necessarily build Energy Star-qualified homes exclusively.

Some builder partners only offer superior energy efficient build in specific home models or house extension, subdivisions or developments, or as an upgrade option. However, many builders have made a commitment to building 100% Energy Star qualified homes across their entire operation. There are developers who require all construction in their developments to be super efficient.

Just like in new homes, home extensions can greatly benefit from being star rated. For example, while a loft conversion can add up to 20% to the value of the home, being built and rated to a super energy efficient standard make them 20-30% more efficient and sort after than standard homes or extensions.

When searching for an approved builder for your new home or extension, look for a builder with years of experience in the industry and energy efficient partners. The builder must also be willing to work with an independent Energy Star rater to advice on the selection of appropriate energy-efficient home features. The builder must also be willing to submit his work for inspections and diagnostic tests from an Energy rater, to verify the proper installation of the selected environmentally efficient features and overall energy performance of the new home or extension.

A Rater will provide an Energy Star label for structures that meet the requirements. Some builders may also provide a paper certificate or copy of the Home Energy Rating report, even for attic conversions. Several reputable builders have extensive experience in the industry and even back their work with a 10-year guarantee.

Online search is one way how to find a homebuilder who builds by superior energy efficient standards, and will let you cover more areas without wasting petrol.

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