October 4, 2023

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How To Find The Right Sized Rugs For Your Home

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Rugs are retailed in different sizes. But consumers seem to still find it difficult to fit their houses with the right kind of floor covering. An appropriately sized rug can contribute a lot to the enhancement of a room’s design aesthetic. It can add warmth. It can complement furnishings. It may even add some spice and drama to the area. But if it’s too big or too small, somehow, those effects are diminished. There may even be that possibility that it downgrades the whole look and leaves an impression of fragmentation or incompleteness. To avoid ending up with extra small or extra large rugs, here are a few guidelines you can use when shopping for an area rug.

First, you need to identify where you would like the rug to be placed. This should give you an idea of what size of rug you will need to turn your ideas into reality. It would be smart to create an outline on the floor of where the rug will lie so you’d have a visual and a steady figure to measure. To ensure that you do not go too much or too little on the purchase, leave a 2 inch margin of error in the dimensions.

Now, when measuring rugs for furniture placement, it is highly recommended that you provide an even space for them on each side. This also includes the floor. Everything should be centered, even if they are not in the middle of the room. And it is always important that you never allow any item to go beyond the corners of the rug. Leave about 12 inches extra room around it so you and your guest could also appreciate the rug itself.

Next, decide on the color, pattern and style of rug you want to incorporate into your room. Traditional and contemporary rugs will offer you an eclectic list of options when it comes to size as well as other attributes. You have to figure out whether or not you’d like the rug to blend in or stand out because it will affect the selection. On top of that, you should identify a muse or a common denominator in all the furnishings of the room so there is a sense of cohesion between the rug and what is already within the area.

It is essential that you also pay attention to the different functions of each room in your house – what they currently represent and what you’d like them to embody. This should help you avoid integrating the wrong kind of rugs in the area. Take for example the living room. If you like it to look welcoming, the last thing you would want to place there is a rug that is dark in tone and with complicated patterns. The appropriate choice, given such a goal, would be shades of white, orange, or yellow. As for the bedroom, you could go with blue or green as it is more calming.

Finally, don’t be afraid to use more than just one rug in one room. They don’t even have to match. But they do need to connect with each other in some way. To prevent having to go through trial and error, it would be a smart move for you to visualize beforehand what you want, make tape pictures again, and then research where you can find such products. There are a lot of online and brick and mortar stores that sell them, from extra small to extra large rugs sizes.

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