October 4, 2023

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Interior Redesign – Getting The Professional Interior Design Look Without The Professional Budget

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There are several new trends emerging in the interior design and decorate fields, giving interiors a professionally decorated feel, at a cost even nonprofessionals can afford. Two of the newest trends in interior design are home staging and interior redesign. They share similarities, but the general approach and desired outcomes vary.

Interior redesign seeks to produce a stunning interior you normally see in the homes of the rich and famous, at a fraction of the cost. Home redesigners keep your costs down by keeping their overhead down. They have several means of doing this, but one of the most prominent, and best ways, is by using much of your existing furniture and accessories. There is no need to purchase an entire new set of furniture, if you don’t need it. Interior redesigners work with what you have, but deliver results that would make even the rich and famous jealous.

However, it’s not just about having the right furniture and angling your desired way. You need a professional redesigner to get you the tips and techniques to make your rooms flow together and provide a seamless transition, not only between rooms, but between furnishings and accessories too. Having “the eye” is what makes these professional interior redesigners worth their weight in salt.

Home staging is another popular trend that, similarly, tries to use many of the current items found within the home to redecorate. However, the main difference between home redesign and home staging is that home stager’s main goal is to get the house sold at the best price and the shortest time. This usually means decorating a house that will appeal to the broadest audience. Where home staging seeks to appeal to everyone, interior redesign has one person, or one family, in mind.

You might be discouraged every time you look into your living room or family room or even your bedroom. Maybe you’re just not sure how it should look to get the most out of it. Where do you put the couch, the coffee table, the artwork? Using your own furnishings can be daunting, because that is exactly what you have had to work with till now anyway right; how can one setup really make it look any different than another? Home stagers and redesigners can help you get that perfect look, with what you already have.

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