September 22, 2023

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Laminate Flooring Reviews – The Buzz About Laminate and Why It’s the Flooring of Choice

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There are several factors that make laminate an attractive choice for homeowners. The buzz regarding laminate largely revolves around its value for dollars spent. For half the cost of many hardwood floors, you can get durable, good-looking laminate that wears well and is easy to install. Laminate also comes in a wide variety of styles and patterns and does not require regular maintenance.    

Laminate Flooring Reviews- Why Laminate is the Clear Choice for Many Consumers       

Let’s face it- most people love the look of real hardwood floors. However, the thought of having to pay a premium to purchase, install and maintain them sends these same people running for the hills. This is one of the main reasons why laminate floors were invented. For significantly less than the cost of hardwood, laminate gives you a super-hard, durable surface that resists scratches, dents and moisture.     

Also, unlike hardwood, laminate can be installed by the do-it-yourselfer. Most good laminate floors simply snap together with a tongue-and-groove system that requires no glue or special skill. This saves money on installation costs and adds to the appeal of this type of flooring. Laminate flooring reviews will tell you if the laminate you choose can be easily installed and how it is made.     

Anyone looking for real value with low maintenance will want to consider laminate. Laminate flooring reviews can give you information about the care of laminate floors. Basically, they require only a regular sweep and mop to maintain their good looks. High quality laminate floors resist chipping and dents; however, if your floor needs repaired, you can use a laminate repair kit to fill in scratches. Wood putty works well, also.   

Laminate Flooring Reviews- Better Quality for Less Money       

Laminate floors are available in every price range and generally cost less than other types of floors. Construction of this flooring involves several steps and layers glued together for added strength and wear-resistance. No other flooring is constructed this way, and it is a feature of laminate that adds to its functionality and value.  

Why is laminate the flooring of choice for many people? It is made of several layers of hard, non-porous materials that resist wear. It looks good and is easy to install. It is an affordable choice for anyone on a budget. Since it was invented twenty years ago, laminate has filled an important niche in the flooring industry, and it continues to attract consumers looking for an alternative to pricey flooring.

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