October 4, 2023

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New Innovations in Solar Energy for Homes Revealed

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Technological progress marches forward ever steadily. The driving force behind this progress is necessity, always giving reason to invention. With the current view on air quality and pollution, all hope now rests in the hands of renewable energy sources. Even with the advancement of renewable resources, unless they can be implemented without much disturbance to our normal routine, they won’t catch on any time soon. New innovations in solar energy for homes have made tremendous strides in the last few years because of this approach.

While income is always a factor, a selection of homeowners have installed a Grid Tie In system. Grid Tie in systems are generally more expensive, but use photo voltaic arrays to not only power a their house, but to provide extra energy back into the power grid for the electric company to send to other homes in the neighborhood. This system setup supplies the installed home first, and any extra power left over goes back to the power company. The power company compensates homeowners for this service. This in part allows the cost of the system to be offset greatly, as it pays for itself in a shorter amount of time.

Some people prefer to be more in tune with the world around us, seeking to not have their landscapes cluttered by power wires, so they may choose to live away from the surroundings and entrapments of even the most rural communities, opting for what is called an Off Grid system. This types of systems provides power to a house using a collection of panels that charge a battery bay. This grants a person the ability to power a house in locations off the beaten path, generally where there is no power grids, like in the plains, or the beach, or in a mountainside hunting lodge. While this type of system wont provide payment for excess energy, it will pay for itself by eliminating any need for an electric bill whatsoever.

Some obscure new innovations in solar energy for homes has proven to be very useful at select occasions. Solar powered Christmas decorations are available this year. Considering an average Christmas light setup will has been known to double or triple an electric bill, solar powered LED systems will not only reduce the expense for a single season, but since LEDs don’t burn out, the potential for even farther savings exist.

While everyone requires the feeling of safety, the challenge is to balance safety with expense. Security lights play a pivotal role in energy consumption. Solar powered LED Security lights can totally cut out the power expense, while providing a comparable level of security. Next to security lights in the new innovations in solar energy for homes category, a person can also find motion alarms and camera systems that are all wireless and solar powered. Of note is the fact that these particular items wont save any money on their purchase price when compared to more traditional units, it will completely eliminate the cost of powering the system selected. Combine that factor with the ease of installation, and any family who owns a hammer and a screwdriver can rest a little easier at night.

In lieu of an energy sucking air conditioner, smart homeowners are opting for powered roof vents running off of energy from the sun to draw out heat. Wireless, and requiring minimal effort to install, these units will decrease the ambient temperature of a house by 10 to 15 degrees. Generally, this level of cooling is just enough to help bust a hot summer day, turning an 85 degree day into a comfortable 70-75 degrees, and without the worry of an increased energy bill. I have personally managed to build my own home DIY solar panel system simply following a DIY guide online.

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