September 21, 2023

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Organic Pest Control For Garden Grubs

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There are already a lot of Organic Pest Control in the market being sold today; and some are also being made at home. But there are particular pest control products for every garden or lawn pest. It’s best to identify the pest first before applying any products to eradicate it. Garden Grubs for example, are pests that you definitely don’t want to see on your lawn or garden. But there are effective organic pesticides that are organic-based that can kill any grub worm around.

What are Garden Grubs?

White grub worms are usually beetles that are still on its larvae stage. It’s usually a variation of Japanese Beetles (adult version) that are also known as Chafer grubs, June Beetles, Oriental Beetles, and Asiatic Beetles. The adult Beetles typically lay their eggs (on the garden or lawn) during the periods of mid-June to August. The Beetle eggs then start to hatch after two weeks. You’ll know that grubs are present as soon as you start seeing brown to yellow patches on your lawn.

These white grubs can be identified as being C-shaped in form, with a dark head, and an off-white body. They like feeding on grassroots, which will then gradually wither or die. Yellow patches (appears when grubs feed on the area, and when the lawn is over-watered), as opposed to brown patches, are usually the areas that have been greatly damaged by these aggressive grubs.

How to Control Grubs?

You’ll know that grubs are present when you start to notice a difference in the consistency of your lawn. If it starts to feel spongy when you walk on it, then there’s a big chance that they exist in the area. So the question is, how do you get rid of grubs? You can actually control grubs organically (products that won’t harm you, your family nor your pets).

Now, if there’s less than ten grubs in a square foot area, then it shouldn’t be a problem. But if there’s more, then organic grub control should be applied. So, the younger the grubs are, the easier to control them, and treat the damage. You can also try applying Milky Spore Grub Control to help eradicate these pests. This powder material works slowly but surely. It is said to be more effective compared to sprays that are chemically-based.

Another natural option to killing grubs is the use of beneficial Nematodes. These are really tiny insects that works by eating the bacteria. It’s best to combine them with some milky spore as well. But also make sure that when you use Nematodes, these should be applied in a specific timeframe, as other beneficial living things around the area may die if it is applied the wrong way. You can also encourage the use of other natural enemies besides Nematodes (like Parasitic Wasps for example).

If you want to kill grubs instantly, then you can probably try aerating the lawn by using sandals that have sharp points under it (you can kill those that are on top of the soil as it will help lessen the population of grubs and eggs); or try to handpick beetles, and drown them in a soap diluted water. But the best Organic Pest Control for Garden Grubs is to keep a well-maintained lawn. A a good and fertile lawn that’s watered once a week, and also gets ample amounts of sunlight.

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