September 21, 2023

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Preparing For An Air Conditioning Install

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You need to have a technician provide an air conditioning install for your home. You’ve spent the time to locate a company that you trust to do a great job. Now that you are ready to make a buying decision, what should you think about and plan for going forward? The AC system of your home, whether it is a component of your furnace system or not, is one of the most powerful and longest-lasting systems of the house. If you want it to be the ideal choice for your space, you will need to invest some time into considering the right type of system for the home.

Size and Features

Before you get the air conditioning install completed, talk to the technician about what you are getting exactly. It is a good idea to discuss the options available to you. You’ll want to invest in a system that is large enough for your home but not so large that it works inefficiently. When selecting a system, find out what amount of square footage is ideal. Realize that bigger is not always better.

Second, consider the features of the system. Does it run efficiently? Learn about and compare the Energy Star rating of the system to make sure it is ideal. Find out if the manufacturer offers a warranty, including the length and what is included of that warranty. Learn about the maintenance and upkeep of the system, too. Do you need to buy filters for it? How often will you need to replace them? Once you learn this information, you can make a wise buying decision.

Preparing for the Installation

Before you sign on the dotted line, you’ll need to talk to the technician about a few more things. Will the company take out the existing AC system and dispose of it properly? How will they handle the ductwork? If the ductwork needs repairs, will the company do them? What about the overall setup of the system, including the programming of the thermostat – is this included? Will the company handle the removal and installation of outside condensers, too? You need to know exactly what is in the contract before moving forward.

Then, you’ll want to make sure someone is available at your home during the installation process. Ultimately, it is best if you are right there beside the professional so you can learn what he or she is doing. You should also get a guarantee from the company that the system was installed properly.

An air conditioning install can add value to your home. It also adds far more comfort than you may have right now. However, this is a big investment, and it is worth ensuring that the right team of professionals does it properly.

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