September 21, 2023

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Putting Your Wine Server and China Cabinet in the Right Place

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If you are currently in the process of redecorating or revamping your dining room, rearranging the furniture can be a tedious and challenging chore. You may find that certain types of furniture may not fit into the new layout anymore, or just won’t look right at all.

A couple of furniture pieces that deserve a place in your dining room area no matter the revamp are the wine server and china cabinet. While they may not be the central pieces of your dining room area (mind you, if you are a wine connoisseur, a china cabinet probably could!), they certainly attract positive attention and are great to look at, not to mention functional.

Wine servers and china cabinets are of greatest use if you are constantly holding intimate and smart casual get-togethers, as the use of these two furniture pieces mean one thing: that you and your guests are drinking wine, and may use fine cutlery for your meals.

Now, the important thing is that your wine serve and china cabinet must ATTRACT and yet not DISTRACT. Therefore, placement is quite important when considering these two rather sizable furniture pieces.

Where to Place Your Wine Server

Assess your current dining room area now in terms of space and size. Is it looking too cluttered? Perhaps the best thing to do would be to take out all the furniture first and begin putting the central pieces in, such as the dining room table. Now consider your wine server and search for a spot that has enough space to fit it in that places it in your guests’ line of view. Don’t place it in a small space or near a passageway as this may cause a mini-traffic jam going to the next room in the house.

Where to Place Your China Cabinet

Generally, two large pieces should not really be side by side, but this can be an option for those who don’t have much space but can still afford to include a china cabinet in the dining room area. However, if you have other areas that still have some space left for a china cabinet, consider these. Again, make sure that they are not in anyone’s way.

Remember that a wine server and china cabinet is meant to draw attention, for the guests to admire your wine collection and cutlery. This must also be within your reach should you require an additional bottle of wine or extra plates for an unexpected guest. Never place these in a dining room where children usually eat as they may run around and cause damage to these two delicate pieces. Finally, remember to keep your wine server and china cabinet spic n’ span – there is no point flaunting these two furniture pieces if they are dusty and dirty from lack of use and bad maintenance.

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