September 22, 2023

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QERV Technology Set to Slash Heating & Air Conditioning Costs

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Now that the Green Energy movement has caught the attention of the businesses and governments, amazing technologies like the exciting Air QERV are emerging.

Air QERV is the name of a particular technology that offers a quantum leap forward in using energy in an ultra efficient manner. QERV technology will be applied to a host of applications in the near future, but to start with it is focusing on home Heating & Air Conditioning systems.

Although that’s not especially exciting stuff on the surface – once you learn about the very significant money people can save on their monthly utility bills you’ll likely get excited quickly.

For Example:

Imagine turning on five hundred(500) 100 watt light bulbs at the same time. That’s the approximate amount of energy a traditional Heating & Cooling system uses per hour.

Now imagine turning just three (3) 100 light bulbs. That’s the amount of energy used by the Air QERV system to either heat or cool the same sized house!

Needless to say, there is no comparison; and since a large chunk of your monthly utility bill is due to the energy costs associated with heating or cooling your home – we’re talking about saving of hundreds of dollars a month for many millions of homeowners.

Are you excited about Green Energy now? I thought you might be!

As far as Green Energy is concerned; the Air QERV is not just an improvement, it is a true quantum leap forward!

When people reduce the energy they need to heat or cool their homes by 90-95% it also means the various resources used to create that energy can now being conserved in a big way!

The resources currently used by homeowners to power their traditional HVAC systems include: Electricity, Natural Gas/Propane, Home Heating Oil, Nuclear, Coal, and Wood.

All of those resources are becoming more and more scarce. Add to that the cost associated with developing new refineries, power plants, oil wells, etc.; and they are also becoming more and more difficult to start and expensive to run.

We all know that the use of these fuels comes at a cost to our environment; and frankly, the earth just can’t keep up with the damage we are causing.

We have accepted these sins against nature because we insist on living in comfort – and I’m no different…

The good news is that new technology can help use slash our energy consumption while we maintain our standard of living.

The bad new about the QERV is that it’s a new endeavor and hasn’t even really been introduced to the general public yet in a big way.

A nationwide road tour is scheduled so that both HVAC professionals and everyday people will have the opportunity to see the technology for themselves. If fact, they are being encouraged to bring their own measuring devices because the Air QERV’s performance seems just too good to be true unless you’ve seen it for yourself!

The interesting thing is that there are also a whole host of other benefits associated with this particular technology over ‘traditional’ systems. They include lower cost, zero maintenance costs, better quality of air, and safer homes.

Stay tuned for breaking news about the Air QERV technology and their upcoming tour.

Feel free to contact us and we’ll add you to the other people who are VERY excited about this quantum leap forward in Green Energy.

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