September 22, 2023

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Rug Placement

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No matter which room you place a rug in, make sure that you always avoid having a corner of the rug hanging out into the middle of an entryway to another room or at the pathway’s edge. This could be a hazardous tripping zone for yourself, friends, and family. It is recommended to use rugs in high traffic areas to spare the floor underneath but make sure that it’s the biggest part of the rug that you have in the traffic area and not the corner.

You can create a comfortable and lovely sitting area in a large room when you set a couple of chairs and a small end table or coffee table around a round rug. The rug that you choose to define your sitting area will really end up setting the space apart from the rest of your room.

Often times it is common to have the front legs of your chairs on the rug. It is best if you do not have more than 60 centimeters of rug space that is empty behind the furniture. Whenever you arrange the rug and chairs in the sitting space it is best that people will be able to have both of their feet on the rug when sitting in the chairs.

Whenever you are trying to determine what size rug you should place in your dining room, you need to first measure the top of the table. Next add a total of twenty-four inches all the way around the table. This means make sure that there is at least six inches of rug extended from each side of the table. This will give a person space to be able to get in and out of his or her chair and be able to move closer or farther away from the table with the back legs of the chair able to remain on the rug. The other furniture in the dining room area should not be on the rug. Only the table and chairs should be on the rug in the dining area.

Whenever you place a rug in your bedroom, it doesn’t need to be in a center position. However, a rug in the bedroom should have equal amount of visible floor space on two to three sides of the rug. it is a bad idea to use a room sized rug in your bedroom because a large part of the design will be hidden under your bed. Whenever a rug is stuck for a long period of time in the dark it can end up being damaged by moths.

In several different cases you can use various multiple rugs in the bedroom. You can place a rug at the foot of your bed, another on one side of the bed, and yet another one on the other side of the bed. It’s actually a better idea to use multiple area rugs since they cost less and will end up complimenting your furnishings better since you can use different styles and designs on each side of the bed.

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