September 22, 2023

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Stop Paying For Electricity and Build a Solar Panel

2 min read

I have always thought I could never make a solar panel. This is until recently. You see I always looked at the retail price tag and I just figured my savings would be slightly less if I built a panel myself. Now I know this is not true. The savings I would realize if I make a solar panel rather than buy a constructed panel are steep.

I have looked at several build a solar panel guides online and it has floored me. Spending around $100 on parts from the hardware store one can make a panel that would retail for several hundred dollars at least. Imagine the savings a panel would yield. The cost of the unit could quickly be recouped when you build a panel.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be a handyman to make a panel. If you are comfortable with basic tools like a screwdriver or wrench, this is a project that you can complete with ease. I don’t know about you, but I love the sense of accomplishment when I build something with my own hands. Looking at the finished product on a home is a wonderful reminder of a successful project.

Nobody wants to spend thousands on solar panels, so why not spend a hundred and build your own. Its easy, inexpensive and will give you a great sense of accomplishment. This is an easy decision to make and our environment will benefit greatly. Start your project today and I feel you will enjoy your solar panel building.

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