September 21, 2023

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The Abs Toner – Electronic Muscle Stimulation Technology in the Home

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A look at how the abs toner and electronic muscle stimulation technology has evolved. Specifically its origins in the medical sphere are studied, as are the benefits it can deliver if combined with exercise and a healthy diet.
Firm, solid abs are in no way easy to obtain, to achieve the perfect body requires dedication, effort and a routine that allows for exercise but also alters diet. Today there are a plethora of different abs toner products out there that promise a great deal. It is due to the advancements in electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) that these products are now available.

Originally electronic muscle stimulation was used within the medical profession as a means of helping patients to recover their muscles. As such the technology was used extensively in physiotherapy, particularly in the world of athletics where sportsmen and women used toning devices to recover from injury as quickly as possible. The use of electronic muscle stimulation technology was so widespread in sports that by the nineteen seventies the International Olympic Committee allowed the use of toning devices.

The use of EMS in the creation of abs toner products is a relatively recent development. Fitness companies were some of the first to realise the potential of electronic muscle stimulation technology for the commercial sector, understanding that people would want an easy way to tone up their stomach. Since this point the abs toner industry has gone from strength to strength, it is now worth millions and incorporates medical specification technology for excellent results.

That said, potential customers should certainly bear in mind the fact that an abs toner is by no means a miracle fix if you are massively overweight. Toning systems work best when combined with a routine of well thought out regular exercise and a diet that is balanced and avoids junk food. If all three are combined toning belts are a great way of achieving abs to die for.

Abs toners work on the principle of EMS. Put simply the belt will send electronic pulses to the muscles, causing them to flex rapidly and hence work the muscle groups that make up the stomach. The reason they can achieve good results is that they flex the muscles much faster than regular exercise, effectively meaning that the abs receive a better workout in the same amount of time.

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