September 22, 2023

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The Benefits of Passive Solar Heating in Today’s Home

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They are many forms of passive solar heating, the most common found in greenhouses and solariums. As the sun shines through the large glass panes in the greenhouse it heats the air and objects inside radiating throughout the room. Another example is passive solar hot water systems. Solar tanks or panels installed on a roof or other building use the suns direct energy to heat water, the heated water moves through the pipes within the system to be used as needed in the home.

Other uses of solar power for homes are commonly seen in solar lighting for security, walkways and to charge batteries for other household needs. These types of systems are relatively inexpensive and can easily be installed by almost any one with some simple hand tools.

It should be pointed out that before you purchase or install any passive solar heating that you thoroughly research and investigate your options and any potential requirements beforehand, this will help prevent unneeded expenses or issues that could arise. If you are installing solar panels on your roof, take care to not damage your roofs tiles; this will prevent water leaking or other damage.

Because passive solar heating has been so popular in recent years, many contractors and homebuilders are including solar technology in the construction of new homes and as options in remodeling. The popular TV show Green Planet has showcased many home remodeling projects that have taken advantage of recycled and reclaimed items to build solar heating systems for a variety of uses, such as a powering a waterfall in the backyard, to more elaborate and useful applications for space heating.

The backbone of the solar power concept is to provide cost effective ways to harness the suns energy to help reduce the use of energy derived from the burning of fossil fuels, and the global dependence of petroleum products in general. This believe that was once considered abstract in both thought and application has rapidly been changed with many highly visible and cost effective examples of passive solar heating found in hundreds of thousands of homes around the world.

There are many ways solar energy can benefit both man and the environment, and passive solar heating is one of the most energy efficient examples.

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