September 25, 2023

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Today’s Kitchen Remodeling Trends Help Improve Your Home

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Read about 10 of today’s kitchen remodeling trends that help improve your home. Choose trends that stand the test of time and make an investment in your home’s future.

  1. Technology: High-tech home improvement options are transforming the kitchen during a remodel. Refrigerators, dishwashers, and stoves offer a wider variety of features to save you time and energy. Sound systems, computers, and televisions are increasingly part of the kitchen. Wireless Internet allows home technology wherever you want it.
  2. Televisions Everywhere: New fridges have televisions built in and come with remote controls and cable hookups. You can even find range hoods with built-in TVs and DVD players!
  3. Green: Today’s consumers look for cabinets, flooring, and tables made from sustainable materials such as bamboo. They also want water-conserving faucets and energy-efficient appliances.
  4. Healthy: Another aspect of going “green” includes installing cabinets without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and adding copper sinks, which have innate anti-bacterial properties. Homeowners also want ways to make their food safer. You can find refrigerators specifically designed to keep food fresh for longer and faucets with built-in filtration.
  5. Fancier Sinks: You can find with built-in strainers, colanders, or cutting boards. Faucets are more likely to be the flexible, pull-out variety and many sinks offer a deeper bowl for filling large pots.
  6. Work Stations: Specialized stations are cropping up all over the kitchen. Areas for preparing bread, making coffee or pizza, and wine-tasting nooks are all growing in popularity.
  7. Kitchen as Family Room: Increasingly, homeowners want lots of gathering space and comfortable touches for when the family gathers in the kitchen. As in the past, they also want kitchens that open onto the family room.
  8. Traditional Styles: A more contemporary look has become less popular. Traditional styles dominate, with Shaker enjoying a great deal of popularity.
  9. Neutral Colors: White seems to be the most popular kitchen color choice since it offers a great deal of flexibility in styles and décor. Other neutral colors such as beige and off-white are now trendy as well.
  10. Colorful Appliances: While cabinets and walls are less colorful, appliances are growing more so. Some dishwashers and fridges come with a variety of panels that you can coordinate with your décor.
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