September 21, 2023

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Top 3 Ways for Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Your House

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It is perfectly possible to feel comfortable in your home during the winter and summer and save money on energy at the same time. You can achieve this through improving the energy efficiency of your house. There are various strategies which you can adopt, but for starters, you should consider the most effective ones. Find out what these are.


With effective insulation, you block the warm air inside the house. In an insulated house, heat is lost through the roof (between 25% and 35%), through the walls (around 33%), through the floor (between 10% and 20%) and through the windows (approximately 18%). With proper insulation, you can cut your energy consumption for heating by 50% and possibly more.

It is possible for insulation to be installed on existing homes. The blown-in fibreglass insulation is recommended for the ceiling and walls for its high R-value, which can be up to 38, and for its durability and water resistance. If you do not want to engage in a structural project, you should consider foam boards. These are installed directly on the outside walls of the house and under the floor. They can be installed on the attic as well. They are durable and affordable. Their R-value depends on their thickness.

The double-glazed windows offer the best level of insulation. If you cannot afford the replacement of your existing windows, you should consider using window insulation film and rubber weather sealing. Thicker curtains or insulating blinds can help to reduce the heat loss through the windows by as much as 62%.

Energy Efficient Appliances

The use of energy efficient appliances can cut your energy consumption by as much as 20%. It is best if all of the appliances in your house are replaced with energy efficient ones. You should start with the biggest energy users first. These include cookers, electrical heaters, refrigerators, water boilers, washing machines, dryers and dish washers. In the United States, the appliances have Energy Star Rating. In the European Union, they are rated with letters from D to A. The A-rated items are the most energy efficient.

Timely Repairs

A malfunctioning air conditioner, heater or boiler can add greatly to your energy bill without you even realising it. The same applies to a broken window. That is why you must make timely repairs and provide maintenance on a regular basis. Make sure that you fix not only fixtures and appliances, but leaky faucets and problematic pipes as well.

Take the right measures for achieving higher energy efficiency in your home.

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