September 21, 2023

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What Will the Artificial Intelligent Robotic Androids Be like in the Future?

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The answer is relatively simple and you can expect artificially intelligent robotic androids in the home similar to the Hollywood movie “AI” and your artificial intelligent robotic androids will also be a member of the family and a companion.

Of course in the future there will be colonies on Mars and on the moon and artificially intelligent systems will help humans run these habitats to protect them from harm. Of course there will be similar systems protecting our nation from harm. Our national defense will be made up of artificially intelligent robotic computer systems including AI in the net centric battle space.

The entire logistics supply chain for the military will run using artificially intelligent software that predicts the needs as they occur in real time. The NSA, FBI and the CIA will all have artificially intelligent supercomputers scanning trillions of bytes of information every minute in order to protect our country.

Will artificially intelligent robotic androids merge with humans?

We are already seen artificial parts used in the medical industry to help people with lost limbs in the future these robotic arms and legs will run by way of wireless devices in be controlled by thought from the brain. Should we be alarmed with the Merging of Man And Machine?

AI On Your Brain and AI Controlling Your Electronics By Thought?

Indeed, in the future you may be able to get your Ph.D. and it will be simply a small chip of information that you will plug into your brain port. You can have multiple Ph.D.’s in many different subjects and your resume will truly be out of this world coupling artificial intelligence with real human intelligence. Please consider all this.

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