October 4, 2023

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Why Bother Making a DIY Solar Panel?

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Solar panels used to be so extortionately expensive that the mere thought of shelling out thousands of dollars for very little return for your investment made very little sense. However with the advances in technology there is now no reason not to think about building your own DIY solar panel. A homemade renewable energy source is a very cheap way to lower your energy bills and you would be surprised at just how easy it is to make a DIY solar panel.

To generate what is called active solar power you will need a collector to capture the sun’s energy. This usually takes the form of a panel. There are two uses of active solar panels. The first is photovoltaic (for electricity) and the second is a solar hot water heating system.

Photovoltaic solar panels generate electricity from the sun’s energy rather than just heating water. The most common place to see them is on rooftops. Did you know that you can actually save up to 80% of your electricity bills by using homemade solar panels. The reason is that a panel only requires daylight rather than direct sunshine.

I strongly believe that you should consider renewable energy as a very viable alternative to fossil fuel generated electricity. Not only are you lowering your carbon footprint but you are also going to save money on your electricity bills. DIY solar panels are not very complicated once you read a good guide accompanied with solid, clear plans. I suggest that you give it a go and make your homemade electricity source today!

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